FPGA Mining

MPBM on Windows

Windows users now have the option of using the incredibly simple X6500 Easy Package for Windows. Download it now to get started:

X6500 Easy Package for Windows

This package will help get you going with your X6500 FPGA Mining board quickly and easily. Included is the driver installation program, Modular Python Bitcoin Miner, and all currently available mining firmware.


  1. Download and unzip the X6500 Easy Package for Windows.

  2. Read the Hardware Setup Guide.

  3. Make sure your X6500 is connected to a USB port and has power.

  4. Run X6500_FPGA_Miner_Driver_20120405b.exe (found in the Easy Package, or on it's own here) to install the X6500 libusb driver.

  5. Now you can run mpbm.exe in mpbm-v0.1.0beta to begin mining!

After Installation

Navigate to to access MPBM's Web Interface. Username and password default to admin/mpbm.

MPBM should detect all of your X6500 miners, and upload the default mining firmware to them. After the firmware has been uploaded, mining will begin and you should see shares accepted on MPBM's Web Interface.

Improve Mining Performance

After you have verified that everything is working, it's time to load more powerful mining firmware into your X6500. Adjust the worker configuration by going to Workers->X6500 hotplug manager in MPBM's Web Interface. Set the Firmware File Location to any of the available mining firmwares. This package comes with all currently available firmware. If your X6500 is operating correctly, ztexmerge_200mhz.bit will give you the best performance.

Package assembled by fpgaminer on April 6th, 2012