FPGA Mining

Thermal Images by O_Shovah

Initial author:

Jens Schmelkus


Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA) 3.0


Thermographic pictures of the x6500 (rev 2) board taken from top, 45 degrees top-down and bottom. FPGAs clocked at 180 MHz. Room temperature 21 degC.

Cooled by 80mm fan @ 10V. No additional air movement. Taken with NEC IR Thermoshot F30.

I also did some measurements on the power consumption:
Measured at the barrel connector excluding power supply losses.
So just the power consumption of the board alone

1233mA @ 12.00V + (1/3)* 256mA @ 10.00V [Fan] = 15.64 W

(under the asumption that one 80mm fan is sufficient for 3 boards)

Using Hameg laboratory power supply.